Getting Started

What is RS Links?

A Platform built with powerful Technology to Monetize Traffic with your audience. Smart and easy way to get Passive income from your traffic While You Sleep.

Who Can Use RS Links?

RS Links can be used by anyone who have good traffic and able to earn 1$ or more in a Month.

How to Start Using RS Links?

SignUp For an Account Through Website OR You Can Just Start Our Telegram Bot and It Will Make an Account for You.

General Questions

CPM Rates

We Provides 7$+ of High CPM Rates to Our Publishers.

What is Minimum Payout Limit?

Minimum Payout limit is 1$.

Which Payment Methods Are Available?

Bank Transfer(For India Only), UPI, PAYTM, PAYPAL, CRYPTO

What is Verified Partner Program?

A Publisher Who have Great Amount Of Traffic Can Join Our Verified Partner program & 4x Their Earnings.

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